wall mounted organisers

Room for more stuff.
Who doesn’t want more stuff?

Sleek organiser above
your spotless desk

What is more satisfying than having a fine way to store your finest things? Almost nothing! And here it is – a modular, boldly original, wall mounted storage system that comes with quirky boxes and lets you keep all the small things you need within reach in your workspace. So get the organiser that’s right for you. Select a ready-to-order unit, design your own or… craft. YES! You can craft it yourself.


Mint, white, violet or lilac?
To hide your tools or put them on display?

customise it

Create your own organiser. Decide how long you want it to be. Then choose storage boxes.

craft it yourself

Upcycled craft ideas.
Our stand-out shelving units made of cardboard. Go nuts and craft all of them!

wall knobs

Extra space for happy homes full of small bags, pyjamas, headphones, necklaces and more!

What’s your home office look?
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