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YAY! We are so happy you are here. And if you come here from the shop or one of the craft tutorials, we assume that you may be finding you are missing a free spot in your workspace. This catch-all project was designed by the mother for a 10-year-old daughter, the owner of an ever-shrinking desk space and the collector of ever walk-about pencil sharpeners. Oh, it was influenced by the real need to make a study area airy and also fun.

We absolutely LOVE our above desk storage and are crazy about storing tools in it when working long hours at our desks. Kokimiloki is all about overlapping work and pleasure. We combined creative processes with our fascination for reusing every-day items, resulting in us designing wooden or recycled boxes. The craft tutorials are our giant DIY project that doesn’t have a deadline. You can make an array of thrilling boxes to create your very own desk-space style and change it every time you want. We go through fits and starts and spells of working on new prototypes. It’s like a good stew simmering on the kitchen stove. We keep adding ingredients to make this project better.  So pop in next time to find new ideas and to refresh your working area.

Let our ideas speak to you, and your hanging boxes, whether wooden or cardboard, will be a hit in your home.