wall knob

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  • Decorative space-saver
  • Looks great against any colour
  • 10 cm wide, 4.5 cm deep
  • Fixing screw included / Please, check the size of the screw and the assembly instruction here before purchasing.

Of course your choice for a feature wall doesn’t need to be limited to something as photos, pictures and art. Display all your favourite accessories on a wall! This stylish wooden wall knob is perfect for hanging bags, headphones and necklaces. Perfect for adults’ and children’s rooms, in the entrance hall, bedroom or kitchen. The vintage black looks great against all the other colours.

And here is our definitive guide to the tidiest room in existence: a set of those wall knobs. In a row or pattern. You can also browse the other Kokimiloki wall knobs for more colour options. Our geometric knobs create a perfect match.

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