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Professional Pencil Holder

DIY pencil holder for student desks

Woohoo! This could be a new look for your eco-style desk space. Opt for this handy bonus storage unit, which frees up your workspace in an uncommon style. It will be perfect for triggering the flash of a camera to create your next Instagram photo!

For this eco-project, we married our environment-friendly world-view to your command centre. Meaning – you’ve got some cool-looking handmade cardboard holders storing your tools where you need them to be. And all of them, hanging above your desk, when hit by a camera flash, light up in vibrant shades of natural colours. So, yeah. All good.

Waste-free Pencil Holder

Click on the icons below to download the templates. Print them on the unprinted side of used office paper. Cut out and match the shapes accordingly. Connect them using a sticky tape. Place the template on your cardboard, cut and fold. Your cardboard must be 73 cm long.

close up of cardboard pen holder
one piece of handmade pencil holder
side view of handmade pencil holder

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