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Classic Catch-All Box

Imagine a magical desk space that never fails, regardless of the workload. You could work to your fullest potential. So just to make sure you're…
3 September 2017
wall-mounted DIY catch-all boxORGANISATION

Cone Catch-All Box

Have a look at this DIY catch-all box. Fabulously original, genuinely useful, eco-friendly, and for those clever DIYers who make their desk space all their…
14 August 2017
House decorating ideas - paper diamondDECORATIONS

Paper Diamond

You may decide you don’t really need them at all. That’s okay, but have a look at them. 3-D paper models will always look intriguing…
18 July 2017
DIY packaging for a money giftGIFT WRAP

Money Gift Packaging

You’re giving money as a gift this year. It’s certain, this money gift will be loved. But believe it will be appreciated far more if…
29 November 2016
Paper star boxGIFT WRAP

Paper Star Box

This time make it personal! Even without the Christmas aspect, a paper star box is a near-perfect idea for a delicious surprise. Create this gorgeous box…
14 November 2016

USB Connector holder

Go green. Recycle your packaging into something useful! We hit upon this avant-garde box idea when overwhelmed by the cardboard waste stacked in our living…
4 November 2016

Halloween Orange Lantern

Ordinarily, in terms of Halloween ideas, we wouldn’t push you to carve a Halloween pumpkin in a smaller caliber. But look, oranges work just as…
15 October 2016

Origami Butterfly for Kids

Origami butterfly. Anyone will be able to fold such origami in two minutes with this tutorial. Your festive table, lamps, or even walls will look…
29 September 2016