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Diamond Catch-all Box

What to do with an unused cardboard box, which is in perfect condition? Make it useful! Here is a diamond box – our recycled hero. It is great for storing paper clips, keys, buttons, erasers, batteries and all the other little things that are usually somewhere… but you do not know where.

Idea for storing paper clips, buttons or erasers

Find the centre of the card at the intersection of its diagonals, open the compass and draw a large circle around the center point. With the compass locked at that size, place the pointy end of the compass on any point of the circumference. Draw an arc that intersects the circle and repeat this step six times. Make each arc with the pointy end of the compass placed on the intersection of the previous arc on the circle. If done correctly, you should end with six arcs on the circle. Connect all the six points on the circle. You’ve now got a regular hexagon.

Conect the points of the circumference like in the picture below.

Cut out the hexagon. Cut all the red lines with the craft knife. Then score the card along the black lines with a rounded blade edge to create creases. Creasing makes the paper easier to fold without it being damaged and cracked. You will have the exact folds in the places you want.

Fold all the creases and glue the first pair of sides like in the picture below. Let it dry.

Continue glueing. Fasten one pair at a time and let dry until the shape is formed and you have a geometric box.

And ta da!  … but maybe you would also love to check this one for storing USB connectors.

made of cardboard diamond box
Made of cardboard diamond boxes