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Paper Diamond

By 18 October 2016June 4th, 2019DECORATIONS
House decorating ideas - paper diamond

You may decide you don’t really need them at all. That’s okay, but have a look at them. 3-D paper models will always look intriguing when put on a desk or shelf among other bits and pieces. And they aren’t only for desks. These would make a beautiful centerpiece on your Christmas tree! Just imagine, your festive tree full of recycled craft ideas. Oh, this is the best guide to making Christmas special. We do love DIY house decorating ideas. Here is a fabulous one that we think is good to start with – a paper diamond.

Paper Diamond

Materials: cardboard or coloured regular printer paper




It may be a bit tricky to glue two parts together in the last stage. Fasten one pair of flaps at a time until the shape is closed and you have a geometric figure.

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