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Origami Butterfly for Kids

Origami butterfly. Anyone will be able to fold such origami in two minutes with this tutorial. Your festive table, lamps, or even walls will look beautifully with them. You just need white or colour paper and you have lots of opportunities. Monochrome, multicolour and in various sizes. Practice with paper squares of 13cm or 16cm. We gained proficiency in butterfly folding very quickly, and even arranged a competition for the fastest-made butterfly. Follow our visual instructions.

Origami Butterfly

We would probably buy some decorative papers for the butterflies, but we are a DIY advocate, so we also made marbled paper for them. We love to experiment, because the results are more unpredictable. Click on the square icon, download and use it. Begin with the display side down.

pink marbled pattern

Yes, we love and respect paper in all its forms. Books, newspapers, beautiful postcards and origami. But perhaps, even more, we love cardboard that comes to us along with our online shopping. That is why we invite you also to our beloved category ~ desk idea ~